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(The) White Shadow is one of the characters in the film Turbo.



Full of false bravado and real laughs, White Shadow considers himself to be fast like a shadow - forgetting that blurs are inherently fast than shadows.


Shadow considers himself to be fast like a shadow. He always forgets that blurs are faster than shadows.


  • Shadow's shell color is red, white and blue.
  • Shadow's shell has stars on it, possibly making the number on it 2.
  • Shadow has a bumblebee which was hanging on his back and a wing cuffet on his helmet.
  • White Shadow is played by Michael Bell in the film, and the series and a video game.
  • White Shadow is part of Whiplash's crew.
  • White Shadow is the only snail that wears glasses.
  • White Shadow's shell is based on Evel Knievel's motorcycle, but he is the only racer with a "monster truck" shell.
  • He was originally voiced by Chris Hardwick.


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