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Commander Vachir is the head guard at the seemingly inescapable Chorh-Gom Prison, which was built to house only one prisoner, the notorious Tai Lung. Vachir commands 1,000 prison guards (rhinos to be exact). He was voiced by the late Michael Clarke Duncan.

Warning from ShifuEdit

He was visited by Zeng (one of Jade Palace's Messengers), who informed him of Grand Master Oogway's vision. Angered and furious that the Prison's security is consider inadequate after receiving the message to double the guards and increase security, Vachir decides to show Zeng that escaping from Chorh-Gom Prison is impossible.


Kung Fu Panda Edit

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  • Vacir is voiced by the late Michael Clarke Duncan.
  • In the film's commentary, Vachir's name is Thunderbolt from Mongolian.
  • Vachir is the warden of Chorh-Gom Prison and commander of the Anvil of Heaven, an army of one thousand warriors that guarded Tai Lung. He became warden upon Master Flying Rhino's recommendation.
  • He is a rhinoceros similar to that of a Javan rhinoceros.