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Background information
Feature films The Road to El Dorado
Short films
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Arnaud Berthier (animator)

Cécile Bender (animator) Cinzia Angelini (animator) Claudio Acciari (animator) Jennifer Cardon Klein (animator) Alexandra Boiger (assistant animator) Cindy Andress (assistant animator) James Baxter (senior supervising animator) [[

Voice Kevin Kline
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Lord Tulio
Personality Clever, kind, panicked, tricky, sensible, sarcastic, practical, bossy, gentle, nervous
Appearance Slender, fair skin, stubble, black hair and sideburns, blue shirt, green pants, brown waistcoat
Occupation Con artist, God (under a lie), Chel's boyfriend, Miguel's boss
Alignment Good
Goal To obtain as much gold as he can (failed), To save El Dorado (succeeded)
Home Spain
Pets Altivo (horse)
Allies his partner Miguel, his girlfriend Chel, Chief Tannabok, Altivo
Minions Chel, Miguel, Altivo
Enemies Tzekel-Kan, Hernán Cortés, Acolyte, Zaragoza
Likes Chel, gold, money, being worshipped
Dislikes Miguel's behavior, losing gold, being outsmarted, danger, smart-talk
Powers and abilities
Weapons sword, rocks, his fists
Fate Rides off with Miguel and Chel and journeys back to Spain
Quote "All right. Here's the plan. In the dead of night, you and I grab some provisions, hijack one of those... one of those longboats... and then, we... row back to Spain like there's no mañana!"
"Remember the little voice that tells people to quit when their ahead? You don't have one!"

Tulio is one of the two protagonists in The Road to El Dorado. He is voiced by Kevin Kline.


Tulio appears to be more the sensible and practical one, with Miguel being more of a dreamer. He is also very sarcastic and tends to boss Miguel around. Tulio is the more anxious member of the duo, at one point telling Miguel that "you can never worry too much." 

Role in Film

Both Tulio and Miguel are first seen on a wanted poster, presumably for their occupations: con artists. He is first seen rolling loaded dice (the number 7) to win a bet from a group of sailors. When a sailor, Zaragoza, bet the map to El Dorado, Tulio was disinterested, but quickly pressured into agreeing by Miguel. To make matters worse, the sailor demands Tulio use his (the sailor's) dice. Tulio ironically wins the bet, however the event ends on a sour note, as his (loaded) dice fall from his pocket, discovered by sailor. Tulio and Miguel fake a duel and eventually flee from trouble with the sailors (and the guards), only to be pursued by an angered bull, and eventually the townspeople, and the guards. The duo hide in a pair of barrels that end up being shipped onto Cortés ship that was destined to depart for the New World. The duo break free from their barrel confinement, only to be found by the sailors on board and consequently, are locked up in the brig.

Miguel uses an apple to convince Altivo, Cortés' horse, to find a pry bar to help them break free; only to be given a set of keys instead, much to Tulio's irritation. Tulio and Miguel then hijack a rowboat, rescue Altivo (who was trying to get the apple) from drowning, and intend to row off to Spain. After few days spent out at sea, with minimal, if no, rations or drinking water, they eventually find land. Overjoyed, they flee from their rowboat, only to be frightened at the sight of skeletons laying about on shore. As Tulio and Altivo run to the boat, Miguel spots a familiar landmark that matches the drawing depicted on the map of El Dorado. Angered at first, that Miguel had chosen to bring the map, Tulio is eventually persuaded by the thought of gold, that he agrees to join the overly excited Miguel on a journey to find the lost city. Meeting Bibo, an armadillo they managed to unintentionally rescue from a predatory snake, along the way, they find the journey to be perilous, facing various issues along the way (mostly Tulio). As they near their destination, Tulio becomes more enthused by the idea, however, once they manage to fall down a cliff, landing before the last landmark, he returns to his irritable self. Seeing nothing but the waterfall behind the last stone, he believes that they've travelled all that way for nothing.

Convinced that nothing lay beyond the stone, Tulio demanded Miguel get on the horse (Altivo), and intended to depart back the way they came, before a native runs into them: Chel. The guards, that had apparently been chasing her, corner the Spaniards, before forcing the group to follow them back to El Dorado. Initially, the pair are ecstatic, and amazed, that the legendary city exists, however their moods quickly change, once they expect to be executed. Once they reach the centre of the city, they are greeted by the high priest, Tzekel-Kan and Chief Tannabok, who, along with the citizens of El Dorado, believe the pair are gods. Tzekel-Kan demands the gods prove their glorious title, before Tulio pulls Miguel aside for a quick talk. Annoyed, by Miguel's proclamations, he attempts to think of a plan to get them out of their situation. Meanwhile, a volcano begins to erupt, frightening the surrounding people. Panicked, Miguel begins to smack Tulio in the head, only furthering his irritation, before he exclaims, "STOP!". By coincidence, the erupting volcano stops, and the people are convinced, by the sign, that they are truly gods. After being lead up to their temple, and seemingly left alone, Tulio and Miguel laugh, bewildered and amused that the people bought their faux identities. Later, Chel appears, only to make a deal to keep their scam a secret, only if she can join in. The pair, Tulio more so, reluctantly agree.

During their stay in El Dorado, Tulio becomes attracted to Chel (and Chel, Tulio), which eventually leads to them getting together, despite Tulio and Miguel having agreed that she was off-limits. Miguel eventually finds out, which cements his desire to stay in El Dorado, while Tulio wanted to return to Spain. However, when Cortés and his men are closing in on the city, Tulio comes up with a plan to knock down the pillars, which would help seal the entrance to El Dorado forever. Miguel joins them, last minute, and they successfully see through his plan, and run off with Chel and Altivo to find new adventures and a way back to Spain.



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