(Opening scene: Cut to a green troll book next to the scrapbooking tools)

Poppy: (from o.s, narrating) Once upon a time, in a happy forest, in the happiest tree...(the book starts to open as a tree is full of pods and the words spell "Happy" on top of the tree) Lived the happiest creatures the world has ever known. The trolls. (We see the trolls inside the pods looking out of the window. They chatter for the goodies they want. The page turns as the 4 trolls are seen singing, dancing and hugging) They loved nothing more then to sing, and dance, and, and hug, and sing, and dance, and sing...(Her voice speeds up) and hug, and dance, and hug, and dance, and sing, and hug, and dance, and hug...(One by one, the yellow trolls starts singing, the red troll starts dancing, and two trolls started hugging as Poppy repeated the same thing she says and the red troll starts panting and falls down. On the next page a troll starts singing in the tree until the Bergen comes by) But then, one day, the trolls discovered a Bergen! (On the next page, the bergens so are in Bergen town feeling unhappy) The bergens didn't know how to sing...(The bergens sing off-key) or dance...(They kick theirselves) or even hug. (A Bergen pulls the underwear out of the other bergen's pants) They're the most miserable creatures in all the land. (A cloud comes by and starts raining) And once they saw how happy the trolls were...they wanted some of that happiness themselves. (A trolls starts dancing on the tree and the Bergen pops up as the troll starts to sing and the Bergen eats the troll and the other trolls Poppy: Eating a troll made them feel so happy. They started a tradition. Once a year, every year, the bergens would gather around the troll tree to taste happiness. On a holiday they called...Trollstice. (On the next page the bergens gather around to the troll tree as the camera zooms in to the Gristle house and we see a green Bergen who's riding a bike that wears a crown, green hair, red cape with black and white spots on the outside and wears underpants. This is Prince Gristle Jr. Then, we see his daddy's room where he daddy is sleeping and he crushed the pet's back lands on his daddy)

Prince Gristle: Good morning, daddy! (His father is still sleeping) Daddy, wake up! (He goes to his father's eye and pulls open) Daddy, wake up! Wake up! (His father's eyes open up) Wake up, daddy! (He goes to his ears as he whispers) Wake up, daddy. (He jumps on the bed) Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy, wake up! (He pulls his father's chest hair out of his chest. His father starts screaming and pulls him up)

King Gristle Sr.': Gristle! What time is it?

Prince Gristle: It's...(He lets go of the chest hair) Trollstice! (At outside, King Gristle Sr. opens the door and now he wears a red violet jumpsuit with a purple cape with fur on it held together by a red violet brooch, yellow flip-flops on his feet, and a gold crown on his head.)

King Gristle Sr.: Trollstice! Our one day to be happy!

Prince Gristle: Yeah!

Chef: This is a very special there is one amongst us who has never tasted a troll. (She points at Prince Gristle)

Prince Gristle: Ooh, me! She's talking about me.

King Gristle Sr.: That's my boy. (Prince Gristle and Chef go to the troll tree which is full of pods)

Chef: It is my sacred initiate you in the ways of true happiness. I have chosen an extra special troll for you. (She opens the pink pod and grabs the troll that has pink hair) The happiest, most positive...sweetest troll of all. And because every Prince deserves a princess. I give you the one they call..."Princess Poppy". (Prince Gristle takes the troll)

Prince Gristle': Please, make me happy, Princess Poppy. (He eats the troll) '

Chef: What are you feeling? (Prince Gristle makes a disgusted face and spits the troll out)

Prince Gristle: That one's rotten! (Chef takes the troll, but it wasn't a real troll, it was a fake troll. She taps the troll's head)

Chef: It's fake?

Bergens: Fake?! '

King Gristle Sr.: Fake?!

Prince Gristle: They're gone?!

King Gristle Sr.: Where are they?

Chef: Don't worry, sire. We'll find them. (The Bergen chefs and Prince Gristle listen on the ground)

Prince Gristle: I think I hear something. (Under the ground, we see a troll that has orange skin, dark pink and light pink hair tied up on a flower crown and wears blue jacket and green pants while holding a torch. This is King Peppy leading the trolls)

King Peppy: Go! Go! (Then, a troll has

Prince Gristle: Daddy, where are they?

King Gristle Sr.: Don't just stand there, make my son happy!

Chef: He will be happy! (She digs the hole with her axe. While King Peppy has his underwear showing, the trolls are formed into a ball while the Bergens dig the holes. In slow motion, King Peppy throws the trolls and the trolls roll off. In normal motion, the trolls roll into bumpy roads as they're on their way out. The troll has un-formed their ball as they are fallen)

Troll 1: Where is he?

Troll 2: I don't think King Peppy make it. (King Peppy suddenly comes out of the tunnel)

King Peppy: When I say "No troll left behind"...I mean "No troll left behind"! (After he comes out of the tunnel, he is shown naked as the trolls cheer)

Kid Troll: King Peppy, where's Princess Poppy?

King Peppy: Don't worry, she's safe. (He pulls apart of his hair where Poppy is inside)

Baby Poppy: No troll left behind!

Trolls: Aww!

King Peppy: But, we'll be a lot safer the further we get from Bergen Town. (The trolls started walking home) Go! Go! Hurry. (Cut to the Bergens carrying Chef away)

King Gristle Sr.: That's right! Take her away! Get her out of my sight! She is hereby banished from Bergen Town forever!

Chef: We can all be happy again! I'll find the trolls! (The Bergens throw her out) And shove them down your ungrateful throats. (At the house, Prince Gristle and King Gristle Sr. are in the chair)

Prince Gristle: But, daddy...I never got to eat a troll. What's gonna make me happy now? (We see a girl Bergen sweeping on the floor and has grey skin, pink cheeks, light pink hair put into pigtails and wears a pink dress with a white apron and wears pink Mary Janes. This is Bridget. Bridget sadly looks at Prince Gristle)

King Gristle Sr.: Come here, son. (He waits for a moment and suddenly frowns) Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You will never, ever, ever be happy.

Prince Gristle: Never?

King Gristle Sr.: Ever. (At Troll Village, King Peppy and Baby Poppy are at the mushroom as the trolls were watching)

King Peppy: Here! Right here! This is where we rebuild our civilization. It has everything we need. Fresh air, clean water...and sweet acoustics! (Baby Poppy rings her cow bell as the trolls sing)

Trolls: (singing) Whoa, oh, oh, oh! Ba de ya say do you remember Ba de ya dancing in September Ba de ya never was a cloudy day! (The logo slowly appears on the screen and fades out. The trolls build their own pods and finished them quickly and zoomed back at the page on the book. Then, Poppy is now an adult and she has dark pink hair, pink flamingo skin, green hairband with blue butterflies, and wears a blue dress with white flowers on it while she reads to the kids)

Poppy: 20 years ago, King Peppy made us safe. And now, every troll is free to be happy and live in perfect...(singing) Harmony.

Troll Kid 1: (singing) Harmony.

Troll Kid 2: (singing) Harmony.

Sharon Troll: And that's why we hug ever our.

Poppy: Yep. (She closes the book)

Chubby Troll: I wish it was every half our.

Poppy: So do I. But, that wouldn't leave much time for singing and dancing, now would it?

Lulu: Princess Poppy, still want to eat us?

Poppy: You bet! (The trolls gasp) But, just because it's the only way they'll never be happy.

Chubby Troll: (Licks his hand) Oh no! I do taste delicious!

Lulu: Isn't there anything else to make them happy?

Troll Kid 4: Ooh. What about having birthday parties?

Troll Kid 5: Or slumber parties!?

Keith: Or staring at your parents while they sleep.

Kid Trolls: Eeesh.

Lulu: But, I don't want to be food.

Poppy: Don't worry. No troll will ever be. And that's why we're celebrating the biggest party ever! Everybody's gonna be there. (Keith appears in her hair while he has a cowbell on his head)

Keith: Everybody?

Poppy: Everybody. (She starts ringing her cowbell and the pod peels off as she starts to sing "Move Your Feet/D.A.N.C.E/It's a Sunshine Day". She expands her hair on the tree and flips up in the air and poses on her four coloring profiles. At the next shot of her, she is dressed as a basket full of envelopes. Poppy brings out envelopes to the trolls and the boy and girl troll began to kiss and she brings envelopes in their lips. The scene cuts to the blue creature that is walking and we see a troll that has red skin, orange hair with a purple hair bobble and has DJ headphones and wears striped trousers and has a belly button. This is DJ Suki with Poppy on the DJ station. The DJ Station Bug starts to explode. Poppy lands on the other trolls that are dancing. The chubby troll has blue skin, light blue hair, and wears purple jacket and pants. This is Biggie. The other troll has glittery skin and he is nude. This is Guy Diamond. The tiny troll has yellow skin, blue hair, pink bow and wears a pink dress with a blue button. This is Smidge. She has a shockingly deep voice. The giraffe troll has pink and dark pink stripey skin and has light blue feet, blue hair and wearing a green hat. This is Cooper. The fuzzy troll has green hair and has orange feet. This is Fuzzbert. Poppy bounced on three bugs and flies away. Cooper appears on the camera. Poppy comes by bouncing on creatures and goes to the workout station where Smidge is holding the dumbbell by her hair. Smidge lifts Poppy and Poppy gives the envelopes to the trolls. Then, the worm named Mr. Dinkles wears a business suit when taking his photo)

Biggie: (from o.s) Okay, Mr. Dinkles. (Cut back to him and Poppy) Say "Leaves"! (Mr. Dinkles squeaks. He takes the photo shoot and puts the frame on the wall) Hmm, something's missing. (Guy Diamond farts glitter on his butt to make Mr. Dinkles' picture perfect)

Poppy, Snack Pack: That's it! (The scene shows many fashion pictures of Mr. Dinkles. Then, Poppy and the Snack Pack are riding a leaf down on the slide as they continue singing with two troll twins. The pink one has glittery fashion suit and has purple tights on her legs, and has light blue, purple and pink hair and has purple stocks on her legs. This is Satin. The blue one wears a purple and white glittery dress and on the leg, it has a tattoo that says "XOXO", and has earrings. This is Chenille. Satin and Chenille hold Poppy's hands as the rest of the trolls dance. At the next shot of her, she is seen rowing a boat with Smidge who is on the rail as the trolls' hair is using as waves. The next shot, Poppy runs down under the trolls hair. The Snack Pack form their hair into a rainbows, a red tulip, a flower, farting glitter as fireworks and Poppy goes to Cooper's head)

Trolls: Yeah! (They started to pant softly after their celebration. Luckily, a clapping sound is heard and we see a troll under the tree that has grey skin, light purple nose while it wears a green jacket filled with leaves and wears a brown pants with patches on it, and has black hair. This is Branch with his sticks)

Branch: Unbelivable, guys. (He walks toward them) Really, really great. Good job. I could hear you from a mile away! (Poppy and her Snack Pack come down)

Poppy: Good. I was worried we weren't projecting enough.

Branch: Poppy, if I can hear you, so can the Bergens. (Pan to Guy Diamond)

Guy Diamond: Oh, boy. (Pan to Biggie and Cooper)

Cooper: Here we go again.

Biggie: Oh, Branch... (Pan to Satin and Chenille)

Satin: You always ruin everything.

Chenille: Warning us about the Bergens.

Branch: (embarrassed) No, I don't. (Flashback to a birthday party where he had running inside. He pushes the clown away)

Branch: THE BERGENS ARE COMING! (He pushes the birthday cake over, screams and runs off. Next, we see a wedding party where he had running inside. He pushes the clown again)

Branch: THE BERGENS ARE COMING! (He pushes the wedding cake over, screams and runs off. Last, we see a funeral where he had running inside)

Branch: THE BERGENS ARE COMING! (He pushes the coffin over, screams and runs off. Back at the present moment)

Poppy: Come on, we haven't seen a Bergen in 20 years. They're not gonna find us.

Branch: No, they're not going to fine me, because I'll be in my highly-camouflaged heavily fortified Bergen proof survival bunker.

Poppy: You mean, you're not going to the party?

Satin, Chenille: But, it's gonna be the biggest...

DJ Suki: The loudest!

Cooper: The craziest party ever! (Poppy and The Snack Pack start chattering at Branch)

Branch: Big? Loud? Crazy?! You're just gonna lead the Bergens right to us!

Cooper: Are you sure you wanna invite this party pooper to poop on your party?

Poppy: Yes. I think deserves to be happy.

Branch: I don't do happy.

Poppy: Branch, I know you have happiness inside you. (She gets a card out of her hair) You just need our help to find it. (She opens the card and it says "Branch, you're invited")

Card: (singing) Celebrate freedom from the Bergens. (The glitter splats on Branch's face)

Poppy: What do you say, Branch? (Branch takes her card and throws it in the ground and smashes it with his feet. Poppy and The Snack Pack gasp in horror)

Smidge: Oh my guh!

Branch: I wouldn't be caught or dead at your party, but you will be. (He wipes the glitter off his face) Caught and dead. (Poppy and her Snack Pack see the troll that wears green pants, and blue and green hair that is curled, purple skin, orange nose and sparkles on cheeks. This is Creek flying on his bug)

Creek: Whoa, whoa. Easy, Branch. Easy. (The bug puts him down) Thank you for providing safe passage, brother. (The bug flies away) Namaste. Okay. First of all, mate, thanks for sharing your unique perspective on things. Again. But, just for now, why don't you try in a little positivity, eh? (He gets closer to Branch) A little positivity might go with that vest.

Branch: Okay, fine. I'm positive you all are gonna get eaten. (Poppy and The Snack Pack's hug time watches chime)

Poppy: Hug time! (Creek goes to her)

Creek: It is hug time.

Poppy, Snack Pack: Hug time! (They do a group hug when Branch is squeezed in)

Biggie: Oh, that feel good.

Creek: Our hearts are sychronizing!

Guy Diamond: (autotune voice) I can sque-e-e-ze you forever. (Branch squeezes out while Poppy and The Snack Pack are hugging)

Branch: Someday, when the Bergens find us, and the survival of every troll in your hands. I sure hope the answer is singing, dancing and hugging. Because that's all you know how to do.

Biggie: That's not true! Poppy can also scrapbook.

Branch: I can't believe you're gonna be queen one day. (He walks away)

Creek: Tune out his negative vibrations, Poppy. They're toxic. Some folks just don't want to be happy.

Poppy: I guess.

Creek: You guessed right. (He taps Poppy's nose) Boop! (At the party, we see three glitter trolls banging drums and DJ Suki is on the DJ station with her colorful bugs scratching records)

DJ Suki: Yeah! (The scene cuts to Satin and Chenille with Creek firing glitter. Then, DJ Suki is at the DJ station. She swallows a bug and beams come out of her eyes and her mouth. She blinks and her mouth opens and closes. Then we see Satin, Chenille and Creek firing glitter as fireworks. Biggie is then put up by the trolls)

Biggie: Whoo-hoo! I love you so much! (The glitter trolls form a disco ball and we see Fuzzbert and Cooper dancing. Then Satin, Chenille and Creek fire glitter at Smidge. Smidge falls in the ground and the trolls see her if she's okay)

Smidge: (Suddenly gets up) YOLO!!! (The trolls cheer. Then we see Poppy and Cooper on the mushroom. Poppy is now wearing a bean-sprouted ponytail with a light blue rubber band. Then we see Branch on the top seeing the trolls are having a party. He scoffs and walks away)

Poppy: MORE GLITTER!!! (The trolls fire glitter on by pulling the vines) TURN IT UP! (We see Chef in her house who is banished on Bergen Town. She goes to the telescope and sees the fireworks of Poppy)

Poppy: (from o.s) I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

Chef: Trolls.

Poppy: (from o.s) Okay, everyone. (Cut back to the party) I just want to take a moment, and get a little real.

Biggie: (from o.s) Poppy! (Cut back to the Snack Pack) She's my friend! I know her!

Snack Pack: Shhh! (Mr. Dinkles squeaks)

Poppy: I'd like to take a second to celebrate our king...(She points at King Peppy) My father. Who, 20 years ago this night...saved all of us from those dreaded...(Footsteps is heard)

King Peppy: Bergens. (Cooper comes up front. The trolls see that Chef has arrived in their village)

Chef: Gotcha. (Cooper poops cupcakes)

Poppy: Uh...(She picks up the cupcakes and offers them to Chef) Cupcake? (Chef starts taking over the village. Poppy drops the cupcakes) RUN!!! (The trolls start running away. Chef takes Guy Diamond. Biggie runs to the camera)

Biggie: Mr. Dinkles! Has anyone seen Mr. Dinkles?! (Mr. Dinkles is on his back. Chef then takes him)

Poppy: (from o.s) Biggie! (Chef then takes Fuzzbert) Blend in! Blend in! BLEND IN!! (The trolls blend in hiding in the grass, using their hair to hide up and forming their hair. We see Smidge running away from Chef. Chef puts her hand in Smidge)

Poppy: (from o.s) Run, Smidge! (Chef takes Smidge)

Smidge: Oh my guh! (We see Satin and Chenille getting out of the way of Chef's feet. Chef then takes them)

Troll Kid: Poppy, help!

Poppy: Hurry! Go! Go! Go! (She and the trolls form their hair into grass)

Cooper: Phew...(Chef takes him) Whoa!

Poppy: Cooper! (We see Creek taken by Chef)

Creek: Everyone, minimize your auras!

Poppy: Creek! (She and Creek expand pull their hair)

Creek: Poppy!

Poppy: Hold on...

Creek: POPPY! (He and Poppy un-pull their hair and he is now taken by Chef) Ahh!

Poppy: NO! CREEK! (After Chef takes Poppy's friends, we see King Peppy beating up Chef's foot)

King Peppy: Bad Bergen! Bad, bad Bergen!

Poppy: Dad! (As Chef was about to take Poppy and King Peppy, they hide under the bush as Poppy forms her hair into a sheild to protect. Chef stands up)

Chef: Thanks for throwing the biggest, the loudest...(Cooper pops up)

Cooper: The craziest party ever! (Chef goes back to her town. Then, Poppy un-forms her hair and changes back. All the trolls come by)

Moxie: Is it coming back?

Harper: What are we gonna do now?

King Peppy: We have to find a new home. Everyone, hurry. We have to leave before the Bergens come back.

Poppy: We have to rescue them.

King Peppy: No, Poppy, we have to run. Now, let's go, everyone. Come on!

Poppy: What about "No troll left behind"?

King Peppy: I'm sorry, Poppy. That was a longtime ago. And I'm not the king I once was.

Poppy: Then, I'll go.

King Peppy: No, Poppy. It's too dangerous.

Poppy: I have to at least try.

King Peppy: No. You can't go to Bergen Town by yourself. It's impossible. (At the bunker, Branch is sitting at the table with Poppy's card)

Card: (singing) Celebrate freedom from the Bergens. Celebrate freedom from the Bergens. (Branch hears a knock on the door. He closes the window and the cards fall down)

Card: Branch, you're invited!

Branch: No! No! No! Shh! Shh! Shh! (Outside, we see Poppy knocking in the door)

Poppy: Branch! Branch! Branch! BRANCH, ARE YOU IN THERE?! (Branch opens the "Go Away" mat) Huh?

Branch: I'm not going to your party.

Poppy: The party's over. We just got attacked by a Bergen!

Branch: I knew it! (He brings Poppy down in his trap room. He locks up the doors and puts the mouse trap closed)

Poppy: Branch! (Branch covers her mouth)

Branch: Shh.

Poppy: I have to tell you something.

Branch: Shh!

Poppy: I was just gonna...

Branch: (Stammering) Shh! Shh! (Poppy waves a serious "Hello" to him) What? What could be so important that it's worth leading the Bergen right to us?

Poppy: The Bergen's gone!

Branch: You don't know that. It could still be out there. Watching. Waiting. Listening.

Poppy: No, it left! It took Cooper, and Smidge, and Fuzzbert, and Satin, and Chenille, and Biggie, and Guy Diamond...and Creek!

Branch: (Rolls his eyes) Mm.

Poppy: Which is why I have to ask you...will you go to Bergen Town with me and save everyone?

Branch: What? No.

Poppy: Branch, you can't say "no", they're your friends!

Branch: Ah-ah-ah. They're your friends. I'm staying right here in my bunker where it's safe.

Poppy: Oh, that's great. You're the one guy who knows more about Bergens than anyone...but, when we finally need you, you just want to hide here forever?

Branch: Forever? (He scoffs) No. (He pulls the lever which makes the elevator down)

Poppy: Whoa! (While she and Branch go down, we see the stuff in the bunker)

Branch: Yeah, I really only have enough supplies down here to last me 10 years. 11, if I'm willing to store and drink my own sweat. (He glares at Poppy) Which I am. You all said I was crazy, huh? Well, who's crazy now? (He and Poppy stop to his room) Me. (He glares at Poppy) Crazy perpared.

Poppy: I'm sorry. I should have listened to you. You told me not to throw the party, and I threw it, anyway, and it's my fault they were taken, and now I don't know what to do.

Branch: Why don't you try scrapbooking to freedom?

Poppy: Solid burn, Branch. (Branch makes a smirk face). Well, thanks, anyway.

Branch: Hey, anytime, Poppy.

Poppy: See you in 10 years. (She pulls the lever and makes the elevato go up. Then, she pulls the lever and makes it go down) Hey, Branch. Just wondering if I could borrow something.

Branch: What?

Poppy: Your bunker.

Branch: What?

Poppy: Okay, everybody! Come on in! (The trolls come down inside the bunker)

Branch: No! No! No! Whoa, wait! Poppy, what are you doing?

Poppy: You said you have enough provisions for last 10 years, right?

Branch: Yes, to last me 10 years! Me! It'll last them 2 weeks!

Poppy: Then, I guess I better hurry.

Branch: Wait, wait, wait. You won't last a day out there. And you won't last a day in here. (We see a troll drinking Branch's sweat as the trolls chant "Chug!" and trolls play with the bear traps)

Poppy: Solid burn, returned. (She walks off as Branch makes a confused face)

King Peppy: Uh, Poppy, wait. Please be careful.

Poppy: Don't worry dad, I can do this.

King Peppy: I love you, Poppy.

Poppy: I love you, too, dad. (She and King Peppy hug. She walks off as Keith chimes in inside King Peppy's hair)

Keith: They grow up so fast. (Poppy goes to the elevator)

Poppy: Bye, everybody!

Troll: See you soon!

Troll Kid: Good luck, Princess Poppy!

Poppy: And 3, 2, 1. (Her hug time watch blooms up and she pulls the lever, making the elevator go up. The trolls' hug time watches light up)

King Peppy: Hug time!

Branch: No.

Trolls: Hug time! Hug time! Hug time! (We see Poppy looking at the other trolls are about to hug Branch)

Branch: NO! NO! (Fade to black. Then, we see Poppy in a scrapbook version while rescuing her friends)

Poppy: (from o.s, narrating) With her friends safely hidden, Princess Poppy set off to rescue her other friends. Confindence she'd make it to Bergen Town on her own. (Poppy bumps into Chef's foot. Chef then takes Poppy's head and Poppy's body bleeds rainbows) Confident she'd make it to Bergen Town on her own. (Chef puts salt on Poppy and eats her. Then, we see Poppy outside reading her book). Convinced she'd make it to Bergentown...

Poppy: Um...(She closes the book) Totally sure she'd...make it to Bergen Town. (She sighs. She walks off to find her friends. She hears a cawing sound of a bird in the forest as she starts to sing "Get Back Up Again". The next shot, we see Poppy standing on a flower. The petal falls off. She starts screaming as she falls. She expands her hair and her hair lands on the ground. Her hair transforms into stairs. She flips and walks down. Her hair changes back and walks. A butterfly appears on her. As she stops singing, the butterfly gets caught by a tongue. Then, we see a bubbles monster and a brown monster on the spot of the forest. The brown monster eats the butterfly. The bubbled monster eats the brown monster and a group of orange flying monster pass by eat the bubbled monster, leaving the skeleton of the monster. Then, a purple-furred monster chimes in and lets out fire in his mouth, which makes the skeleton monster into a pile of dust. He sucks up the dust and looks at Poppy. Close-up to the monster)

Monster: Hmm? (Cut to Poppy making an awkward face)

Poppy: (singing nervously) It's gonna be a fantastic day. (She runs off. The next shot, we see Poppy on the puffed geysers. She goes to a geyser which makes Poppy fly. The next shot, Poppy is swinging on snake's body. She sees a snake and runs off as the snake tries to eat her. She slides down and pops back up. After she is chased by a snake, she falls and sees a bird. The bird eats her and lays an egg on the nest. Poppy shakes the egg And gets out of the egg by her foot, arm, and her whole body. She is now covered in orange slime. Baby birds come by and stretch her arms. She lets go of her arms and rides on a leaf. She sees the red and white trees. The next shot, she is seen in the paint rain with her hair wet, a dry deserted island with her hair dry, and a snowy land with her hair covered in snow. The next shot, she is in underwater and gets eaten by a monster. She climbs inside the monster's stomach and is now in the windy storm. The next shot, she is standing on a eyebalL. She jumps on the eyeballs and jumps one eyeball and the eyeballs pops into glitter. Poppy falls on the bear trap monster. The bear trap monster sees Poppy and begins to eat her) What if it's more than I can take? (She opens the monster's mouth) No! I can't think that way! 'Cause I know, that I'm really, really, really gonna be okay! (She goes up to a hill. But it wasn't a hill, it was only a monster hill. The monster hill eats Poppy) Hey! I'm not giving up today. There's nothing getting in my way! (She expand her hair apart on the walls and she flies up and lands on a bush) And if you knock knock me over...I will get back up again! Oh! (She picks a blue berry) If something goes a little wrong...(She eats the berry and gets blue spots all over her body) Well, you can go ahead and bring it on. 'Cause if you knock knock me over...(Her cheeks starts to swell up including her arms. She swells her whole body into a ball) I will get back up again! (She rolls off. The next shot, Poppy is rolling on hills)

Chorus: (singing) Get up!

Poppy: (singing) Woah oh oh oh oh oh!

Chorus: (singing) Get up!

Poppy: (singing) Oh!

Chorus: (singing) Get up!

Poppy: (singing) Get back up again!

Chorus: (singing) Get up!

Poppy: (singing) Woah oh oh oh oh oh!

Chorus: (singing) Get up!

Poppy: (singing) Oh...(She falls into spider webs and gets cocooned) I'm okay!

Chorus: (singing) Get up!

Poppy: (singing) Woah oh oh oh oh oh!

Chorus: (singing) Get up!

Poppy: (singing) Oh, oh...(She falls on the ground) And if you knock knock me knock knock me over...(She gets exhausted) I...will...get back up again.... (Zoom back to her as she closes her eyes and sticks her tongue out of her mouth) Bleh. (Fade to black. The four eyes open and it looks at the cocooned Poppy. It is revealed to be a four-eyed spider. The other spiders climb down to Poppy and begin to eat her. Then, Branch's hair expands to grab Poppy away from the spiders. He glares at the spiders as the spiders look at him. Branch takes a pan out of his camping bag. He throws the pan at the spiders, but it didn't work. He gasps nervously as the spider ran toward him. He takes off his camping bag and expands his hair to fight the spiders. After he fights the spiders with his hair, the spiders get eaten by a monster. The monster looks down at Branch. Branch gasps and the monster falls back asleep. Branch sighs and looks at the cocooned Poppy)

Branch: (from o.s) Oh, no. Poppy! (He goes to Poppy and listens to her heart) Hang on! (He gets a stick from the tree and two pair of bugs from the tree. He rips the web out of Poppy. He rubs the bugs together and puts them in Poppy's chest. Poppy's heart starts pulsating. He checks to see her if she's okay. Suddenly, Poppy springs back up)

Poppy: Get back up again! (She looks at Branch) Branch! My man. You were right on time.

Branch: Oh, right. Like you knew I was coming. (He puts the bugs down and puts on his camping bag)

Poppy: Yes. Figured out the third Hug Time, getting eaten by a Bergen wouldn't seem so bad.

Branch: And I think there was no way you could do this by yourself. Guess we were both right.

Poppy: Hmm. Alright! Let's do this. Sooner we get to Bergen Town, sooner we get everybody, and make it home safely. (She and Branch walk to the forest. She pushes a plant)

Branch: Wait, wait, wait. What's your plan?

Poppy: I told you. To rescue everyone and make it home safely.

Branch: Okay. That's not a plan, that's a wish list.

Poppy: Oh! I suppose you have a plan.

Branch: (He clears his throat) First...(The page cover the screen and it makes a scrapbook background of the forest with Branch and Poppy) We get to the edge of Bergen Town without being spotted. (Branch and Poppy went to the edge and the cage of the troll tree. The arrow points to it. The page turns to Poppy and Branch going inside a log) Then, we get inside by sneaking through the old escape tunnels...(The scrapbook Poppy and Branch went up to the troll tree and a Bergen pops up) Which will then lead us to the trolls tree. Right before we get caught, and suffer the miserable death of the hands of a horrible, bloodthirsty Bergen! (He pulls the paper) Hold on a second. Are you scrapbooking my plan? (Cut to Poppy making her scrapbook card with her stuff on the ground)

Poppy: Uh-huh, yeah. Almost...(She uses the scissors to cut the paper. She then pops up) Done! (The scrapbook opens with a Poppy and Branch scrapbook version, along with the Snack Pack. The words open up and it says "We Did It!". The glitter splats on Branch's face)

Branch: There will be no more...(He pushes his nose and the glitter comes out) scrapbooking. (Cut to Poppy and Branch walking on a log. Poppy starts humming) Do you have to sing?

Poppy: I always sing when I'm in a good mood.

Branch: Do you have to be in a good mood?

Poppy: Why wouldn't I be? By this time tomorrow, I'll be with all my friends. Ohh, I wonder what they're all doing right now.

Branch: Probably being digested.

Poppy: They're alive, Branch. I know it!

Branch: You don't know anything, Poppy. I can't wait to see the look on your face when you realize the world isn't all cupcakes and rainbows. 'Cause it isn't. Bad things happen and there's nothing you can do about it. (He walks off)

Poppy: Hey, I know it's not all cupcakes and rainbows. But, I'd rather go through life thinking that it mostly is instead of being like you. You don't sing, you don't gray all the time! What happened to you?

Branch: Shh! (He uses his finger to cover Poppy's mouth)

Poppy: A Bergen?

Branch: Maybe. (He walks off. Poppy looks around, but there isn't a Bergen)

Poppy: There's no Bergen, is there? You just said that so I stopped talking!

Branch: Maybe. (He walks off. At night, Poppy and Branch are at the forest. Poppy is in her leaf sack, and Branch has a blanket and a matress. Poppy looks at the picture of Creek. She sighs, and puts the picture on the side. She expands the pictures of Satin and Chenille, Fuzzbert and Smidge. She expands the pictures of Guy Diamond, Biggie and DJ Suki on top. Then, expands the tall picture of Cooper)

Poppy: So special. (She puts her hand on her cheek) Good night, Cooper. Good night, Smidge. Good night Fuzzbert. Good night, Satin. Good night, Chenille. Good night, Biggie. Good night, DJ. Good night, Guy Diamond. (She snickers) Good night, Creek. (She taps the picture) Boop! (Branch turns around to her)

Branch: And good night, Poppy. (He turns back. Poppy turns looks at the sky with stars. Her hug time bracelet chimes. She gets up and looks at her bracelet. She looks at Branch) Don't even think about it. (Poppy's bracelet shut off. She mumbles and looks at the sky as she starts to sing)

Poppy: (singing) Stars shining bright above you...(Branch then turns around to her)

Branch: Really? Seriously? More singing?

Poppy: Yes, seriously. Singing helps me relax. Maybe you ought to try it.

Branch: I don't sing, and I don't relax. This is the way I am, and I like it! And I also like a little SILENCE! (He glares at Poppy and turns back around. Poppy then feels like Branch hurt her feelings. As Branch is sleeping, he hears a sound. He turns around to see that Poppy is playing her ukulele)

Poppy: (singing) Hello, darkness my old friend...(She steps back and the flowers bloom and start singing with her) I've come to talk with you again...(A spider appears next to Branch)

Spider: Hello.

Poppy: (from o.s, singing) Because, the visions of me creeping...(The spider crawls on Branch and Branch flicks it away) Left it's seeds while I was sleeping...(More of the monsters appear) And the vision that was planted in my brain...(A frog appears singing along) Still remains. Within the sound...(The monsters start sleeping) Of silence. (She finishes playing her ukelele. Branch starts getting up)

Branch: May I? (Poppy gives her ukelele to him. He puts the ukelele in the fireplace. He goes back to bed. The next day, we see the edge of Bergen Town where the trolls tree is. Zoom down to Poppy and Branch walking)

Poppy: (from o.s) So, one of these tunnels leads to the trolls tree.

Branch: (from o.s) That's right.

Poppy: There's so many of them. (She and Branch go to the tunnel. Branch takes off his camping bag) I wonder which one.

Branch: I don't know. (All of a sudden, he and Poppy hear a deep voice)

Voice: Choose a hole wisely. Because one to Bergen Town...and lead the others to certain death! (Poppy and Branch looked around to see where the voice is coming from)

Branch: Who said that?

Voice: It was...(The scene pans to the clouds of the sky. The cloud grows eyes, mouth and legs with socks. It comes down and grows arms. This is Cloud Guy)

Cloud Guy: Me.

(In the BergenTown Castle, Prince Gristle Jr., who is now King Gristle Jr., is an adult and wearing his same gold crown and red royal cape with white fur and black spots, but with a red and white stripey short sleeved shirt that is too small for him, blue shorts, and white toe socks and yellow sandals on his feet, is laying across his throne, with Chad and Todd, his two bergen guard, and an adult Bridget, who is vacuuming the floor with a hand held vacuum cleaner.)

King Gristle: (sighing and turns to his pet alligator with grey skin, pink hairs, and a spiked collar around his neck, Barnabas) Oh Barnabas, you're my only friend in this whole miserable world.

(Barnabas sighs happily as he sleeps, King Gristle looks at the painting of his father and sighs) Dad was right.