Prince Tigerius Mahmoud Shaboz, better known as Tiger, is the (former) quaternary antagonist of Over the Hedge.

He is Gladys' former pet and Stella's boyfriend.


He has blue eyes.


Tiger has been shown to be pretty selfish, skeptical to strangers, and also quite protectful over his territory. His also shown as being very self-centered and "royal", in that he constantly talks about his beauty, and how he has inherited his beauty from generations of cats.



Not much is known about Tiger's early years, but he does reveal that he was bred for beauty, which indicates that he comes from an highly exclusive family of cats. This is furthermore evidenced by the fact that Tiger reveals that his father, and his grandfather, were both very similar in appearance.

In Over the Hedge

He orders Stella (who was disguised as a cat) to leave "with her filth", thus upsetting her and making her stand up to him. In turn, Tiger is amazed that someone stood up to him for the first time and thus, began to fall in love with Stella.


  • Tiger speaks with a heavy Persian accent.
  • Tiger, as stated by himself, was bred for beauty, and thus he have no sense of smell.


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