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Thelonious is the secondary antagonist of Shrek. He was Lord Farquaad's former right-hand man.



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In ShrekEdit

In Shrek, Thelonious has intelligence he is first seen when Farquaad wants to choose a princess he wants him to pick number 3 which he had two fingers and later at Fiona's wedding

In Shrek in the Swamp Karaoke Dance PartyEdit

In the short, he sings with Gingy.

In Shrek 4-DEdit

In the short, Thelonious kidnaps Princess Fiona. In the end, he redeems himself by betraying Lord Farquaad's ghost and rescuing the characters from Fairy Falls.


He seems to be not as smart as the others of Farquaad's men. Thelonious is treacherous, harsh, emotionless, loathsome, obnoxious, noble, ingenious, outlandish, uncompromising, sneaky, tenacious, hard-working, envious, loyal, organized, naughty, insincere, opportunistic, ungenerous and snarky.


He is tall, slender, and muscular, he has glowing green eyes, he wears a gray suit with a darker grey vest, gloves and shoes, and a black hood. His true face is never seen.


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