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Joe "The Skipper" Penguin
Background information
Feature films Madagascar
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper
Merry Madagascar
Madly Madagascar
Penguins of Madagascar
Short films
Feature firsts
Feature lasts
Television programs The Penguins of Madagascar
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Tom McGrath
Performance model
Inspiration yoda from star wars mufasa wario from mario
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Joe Penguin
Other names The Skipper, Petey (by Julien in Rock-A-Bye Birdie)
Personality Hard-boiled, tough, dedicated, thoughtless, suspicious, alert, heroic, kind, understanding
Appearance Small penguin with a flat head
Occupation Leader of the penguins
Alignment Good
Home Antarctica (formerly)
New York City (formerly)
Circus Zagosa (currently)
Relatives Kowalski, Rico, and Private (brothers and half-brother)
Allies Kowalski, Rico, Private, Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman, Vitaly, Gia, Stefano, King Julian, Maurice, Mort, Zuba, Marlene, Classified, Short Fuse, Eva, Corporal
Enemies Foosas, Dr. Blowhole, Chantel DuBois, Dave, Savio, Barry (formerly)
Likes Fish, danger
Dislikes Julian being obnoxious, hippies, Private in trouble
Powers and abilities
Quote "You didn't see anything!"

Skipper is the leader of the penguins in the Madagascar franchise, and appears in Madagascar, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted and the main character of Penguins of Madagascar.



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In Madagascar

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In Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

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In Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

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In Penguins of Madagascar

Skipper is the oldest penguin, he rejected to the nature, and went to rescue to Private, when he was only an egg, with the help of Kowalski and Rico, they saved the egg, and formed a family. Skipper is the leader of his brothers, he's the plan man. He fight with Classified team, he want to show his team is the best, and don't need to North Wind to save all the penguins in the world, later Skipper has to accept to be a distraction for Dave's squids, and North Wind rescue to Private, but the plan fails, and  the penguins are catched for Dave. Skipper doesn't fight more, he thinks Private has died.

In The Penguins of Madagascar

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In Merry Madagascar

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In Madly Madagascar

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Throughout the franchise, Skipper is described to be commando, fearless, intelligent, and quick.


Skipper is a table-head-sized adelie penguin with sapphire-blue eyes, orange beak, and a short black tail.


  • The line that Skipper says in Madagascar, "We've been ratted out, boys," comes from Jack Nicholson's character the Joker from the 1989 Tim Burton film Batman.
  • In recent years, a lot of fans aren't fond of Skipper and the penguins because they've been getting a lot of shows and movies about them.
  • Skipper has been ranked #37 on Empire's 50 Best Animated Characters.


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