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Full credits for Shrek the Third.




Shrek: Mike Myers

Donkey: Eddie Murphy

Princess Fiona: Cameron Diaz

Puss in Boots: Antonio Banderas

Queen: Julie Andrews

King: John Cleese

Prince Charming: Rupert Everett

Merlin: Eric Idle

Artie: Justin Timberlake

Evil Queen: Susan Blakeslee

Pinocchio/Three Pigs: Cody Cameron

Doris: Larry King

Blind Mice: Christopher Knights

Lancelot: John Krasinski

Captain Hook: Ian McShane

Sleepy Beauty/Actress: Cheri Oteri

Mabel: Regis Philbin

Snow White: Amy Pohler

Ship Captain: Steh Rogen

Rapunzel: Maya Rudolph

Cinderella: Amy Sedaris

Gingy: Conrad Vernon

Wolf: Aron Warner

Additional Voices

Ogre Baby: Jasper Johannes Andrews

Raul: Guillaume Aretos

Master of Ceremonies/Fiddlesworth: Kelly Asbury

Ogre Baby: Zachary James Bernard

Evil Tree 1: Andrew Birch

Drivers Ed Instruct./Hall Monitor/Teacher: Sean Bishop

Ogre Baby/Bohort: Cody Cameron

Cheerleader/Tiffany/Mother: Kelly Conney

Singing Villain, Evil Knight, Principal Pynchey, Van Student, Xavier: Walt Dohrn

Ogre Baby: Dante James Hauser

Ogre Baby: Jordan Alexander Hauser

Guard 1: Tom Kane

Heckler/Evil Tree 2/Guard 2: Christopher Knights

Gary: Tom McGrath

Puppet Master/Mascot/Announcer/Singing Villain: Chris Miller

Cheerleader/Guinvere/Woman: Latifa Ouaou

Cheerleader: Alina Phelan

Waiter/Evil Dwarf: David P. Smith

Cyclops: Mark Valley

Rumplestiltskin/Headless Horseman: Conrad Vernon

Old Lady: Kari Wahlgren


Original Music

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