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Rameses son
Background information
Feature films The Prince of Egypt
Short films
Feature firsts
Feature lasts
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Bobby Motown
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Appearance slender, tan skin, partially bald, shirtless, barefoot, white loincloth
Occupation Rameses' son, prince
Alignment Neutral
Home Cairo, Egypt
Relatives Rameses II (father), his unnamed mother, Pharaoh Seti I (grandfather/deceased), Queen Tuya (grandmother/deceased), Moses (foster uncle)
Allies his father Rameses II, Hotep & Huy
Enemies Moses, Tzipporah, Miriam, Aaron
Likes his father, Egypt, Hotep & Huy's magic
Dislikes Moses, the 10 plagues, dying
Powers and abilities
Fate is killed by the 10th plague

Rameses' son is a minor character from The Prince of Egypt.


The boy is very playful and kind, however, he doesn't seem to like Moses.

Role in the film

Rameses' son is first seen playing with his father when Moses and Tzipporah enter. He is pleased with the high priests' demonstration of their gods' powers. When Moses turns the river to blood, he is being entertained by the priests. He later touches the blood with his fingers, revealing it to be true blood. During the plagues, he is mostly seen clutching his father in terror. Later, Moses goes to visit Ramses. Rameses begins to realize how much he loves Moses when Rameses' son appears and makes Rameses realize that Moses is bringing disasters on Egypt. Moses tells Rameses to think of his son during his stubbornness, but Rameses dismisses him. In the final shot of the Angel of Death leaving the city, a small soul can be seen flying out of the palace, indicating it is Rameses' son. Rameses later buries him. The heartbroken Pharaoh tells Moses his people are free. Moses then leaves and is upset by the loss of his foster nephew.

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