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Background information
Feature films Shark Tale
Club Oscar
Feature firsts
Feature lasts
Television programs
Video games Shark Tale
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Will Smith (film, short)
Phil LaMarr (video game)
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Sharkslayer
Personality Impulsive (formerly), liar (formerly), somewhat antagonistic (formerly), kind, funny, cowardly, proud, cool, street-talking
Appearance Looks too much like Will Smith
Occupation Whale Wash tongue-scrubber (formerly)
Sharkslayer (formerly, under a lie)
Whale Wash co-manager
Alignment Good
Goal To become rich and famous to become a somebody (formerly), then to win Angie's heart (succeeded)
Home The South Side Reef
Relatives Earl (father; presumably deceased)
Allies Angie, Lenny, Sykes, Ernie and Bernie, Crazy Joe, Don Lino, Luca, the Great White Sharks, Knuckles, Don Feinberg, Katie Current, Frankie (just before his death)
Minions Lenny, Sykes (currently)
Enemies Don Lino (formerly), Frankie (formerly), Lola, Luca (formerly), Don Feinberg (formerly), the Great White Sharks (formerly)
Likes Money, Angie, the top of the reef, working at the Whale Wash, being a somebody, Lola (formerly)
Dislikes Lola (currently), losing money, being treated like a nobody, being bullied by Ernie and Bernie, Don Lino treating his son badly.
Powers and abilities
Weapons Fists, whale wash machinery
Fate Finally tells the truth, starts dating Angie, and becomes partners with Sykes at the Whale Wash
Quote "Hi, I'm Oscar. You might think you know, but you have no idea."

Oscar is the main protagonist of Shark Tale. He is Angie's boyfriend and co-worker, Lenny's best friend, and the former tongue-scrubber and current co-manager of the Whale Wash.He is a Jawfish.


In Shark Tale

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Oscar would prefer to run away from danger rather than fight it, but he's actually very caring and will do anything to protect his friends from danger. He also admits that he was a nobody until he lied about killing Frankie and he does the same thing when he confesses that he's not a real sharkslayer.

In Shark Tale, he had no qualms about lying in order to make himself appear more heroic and powerful than he actually was. Oscar liked to think of himself as a ladies man, but he was somewhat awkward around females, accidentally bumping into a pillar when trying to seduce Lola and stuttering when he tried to tell Angie how he felt about her.

Oscar quickly became close friends with Lenny and he was romantically interested in Lola, but he eventually realized that she was shallow, vain, vengeful, and selfish. Instead, he fell in love with Angie. He also manages to make peace with Lino after admitting that he wasn't a sharkslayer, thus saving the reef from Lino and his sharks.


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  • Oscar appears to be trained in Karate.


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