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NOTE: IN CONSTRUCTION Full credits for Monsters vs. Aliens.


DreamWorks Animation Presents


Reese Witherspoon

Seth Rogen

Hugh Laurie

Will Arnett

Kiefer Sutherland

Rainn Wilson

Paul Rudd


Stephen Colbert

as the President


Directed by

Conrad Vernon     Rob Letterman

Produced by

Lisa Stewart


Jill Hopper Desmarchelier

Latifa Ouaou

Screenplay by

Maya Forbes & Wally Wolodarsky


Rob Letterman


Jonathan Aibel & Glenn Berger

Story by

Rob Letterman & Conrad Vernon

Music by

Henry Jackman

Executive Music Producer

Hans Zimmer


Joyce Arrastia

Eric Dapkewicz

Production Designer

David James

Visual Effects Supervisor

Ken Bielenberg

Head of Character Animation

David Burgess

Head of Story

Peter Ramsey

Head of Layout

Damon O'Beirne

Art Direction

Scott Wills

Michael Isaak

Associate Producer

Susan Slagle Rogers

Production Manager

Daniela Mazzucato

Digital Supervisor

Mahesh Ramasubramanian

Technical Supervisor

Michael J. Henderson

Stereoscopic Supervisor

Phil Captain 3D McNally

Artistic Supervision


Line K. Andersen

Antony Gray

Philippe Le Brun

Jason Ryan

William Salazar


Ken Ball               Michael McNeill

Mark Edwards      Gaku Nakatani

Mark Fattibene     Michael Necci

Susan Hayden     Marc J. Scott

Robert Lurye        Aaron Smith

Pablo Valle


Marty Havran

Character Technical Direction

Kevin M. Ochs     Kevin Rodgers


Kenneth Hébert

Rough Layout

Gary H. Lee

Final Layout

Richard Shiba

Matte Painting

Scott Brisbane


Yancy Lindquist

Character Effects

Nathan Fok


Spencer H. Knapp

Supervising Sound Editors

Ethan Van der Ryn

Erik Aadahl

Sound Mixing

Andy Nelson

Anna Behlmer

Casting by

Leslee Feldman


Susan/Ginormica Reese Witherspoon


Seth Rogen
Dr. Cockroach Ph.D. Hugh Laurie
The Missing Link Will Arnett
General W.R. Menger Kiefer Sutherland
Gallaxhar Rainn Wilson
The President Stephen Colbert
Derek Dietl Paul Rudd
Wendy Murphy Julie White
Carl Murphy Jeffrey Tambor
Computer Amy Poehler
News Reporter Ed Helms
Katie Renee Zellweger
Cuthbert John Krasinski

Additional Voices

Private Bullhorn, Helicopter Pilot, Advisor Ortega Sean Bishop
Commander, Advisor Smith Rich B. Dietl
Technician Ben Stephen Kearin
Secret Service Man #1, Lieutenant Rob Letterman
Wilson Tom McGrath
Advisor Cole, Army Commander Jones Chris Miller
Advisor Wedgie Mike Mitchell

Technician Jerry

Kent Osborne
Advisor Ouaou, Mrs. Rensen, Female Advisor #2, Panicked Guest Latifa Ouaou
Soldier #4, Pilot, Soldier #3, News Technician Geoffrey Pomeroy
Soldier #1, Advisor Jackson Dave Smith
Bridesmaid Candy Lisa Stewart
Advisor Hawk, Advisor Dither, Minister, Secret Service Man #2, Mama Dietl Conrad Vernon


Production Supervisor Matt Pomeroy
Script Supervisor Barbara C. Sazama

Story Artists

Jed Diffenderfer

Hamish Grieve

Mike Mitchell

Claire Morrissey

Tom Owens

Bob Persichetti

Robert Porter

Joshua Pruett

Bill Riling

Nassos Vakalis

Additional Story Artists

Sean Bishop

Derek Drymon

Alfred Gimeno

Li Hong

Chris Miller

Greg Miller

Jordan Reichek

Anthony Zierhut

Story Production Coordinator Matthew H. Sharack
Script Production Coordinator Christian H. Roedel
Production Assistant Scott Tadashi Sakamoto

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