The Penguins of Madagascar
“Miracle on Ice”
Season 1, Episode 18
Miracle on Ice title
Production code
Story by
Written by Bill Motz & Bob Roth
Storyboards by
Written and storyboarded by
Directed by Nick Filippi
Original air date May 30, 2009
The Penguins of Madagascar Episodes
"Go Fish"
"Needle Point"

"Miracle on Ice" is the eighteeth episode of Season 1 from The Penguins of Madagascar.


The penguins freeze their habitat so they can play a hockey game against each other. They are then challenged by a group of rats (the same rats featured in Crown Fools) to play against them, since the rats cannot go back into their sewer home because the pipes burst. Having been led to believe that the rats were not experienced in the game of hockey, the penguins agree to the game, agreeing also that the ice would then belong to the winner. The rats, however, intended to lead the penguins to believe that they were not good hockey players, but really are and win the hockey game, claiming the penguins’ ice. After the loss, the penguins begin practicing their skills on the lemurs' ice, but Julien won't let them practice unless he is on the team. They recruit him as a cheerleader, as well as Maurice and Mort. After improving their skills, the penguins replay the rats, and start out with the upper hand, but the rats then start to play rough. They send Private flying into the porcupine's exhibit, taking him out of the game. He is replaced by Maurice, who plays horribly. The leader rat body slams Kowalski, who begins to speak gibberish from pain, taking him out of the game. He is replaced by Mort, who is even worse than Maurice. Then, leader rat whacks Skipper with the hockey stick that he is using, taking Skipper out of the game. Finally, Julien goes into the game. When one of the rats skates over his foot, he becomes extremely enraged because someone has touched the royal feet, and starts whacking pucks everywhere until the rats surrender. The penguins then cheer for Julien, the hero of the game.