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Me and My Shadow
Directed by: Alessandro Carloni
Written by: Tom J. Astle
Matt Ember
Release date: N/A
Running time: TBA

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Me and My Shadow is an upcoming film. The film will have a blend of both CGI and hand-drawn animation. It will be the first DreamWorks Animation film (aside from the 2D scenes in The Croods and the Kung Fu Panda movies) to feature traditional animation since Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas in 2003. It was originally scheduled for release on March 14, 2014, but in February 2013, the film returned to development with Mr. Peabody & Sherman taking it's release date.


It starts out with a prologue of Stanley Grubb’s childhood and how he would always stay in the back, away from the crowd and any company. He would get teased a lot, ruining his self-esteem, resulting in him growing up as a wimpy man who wants to be alone. Meanwhile, In Brighton City, the town he grew up in, every day is sunny, resulting in shadows of everything. All the shadows are living and has the ability to take control, but can’t because of the one rule of the shadow world-“The lead, we follow”. If any shadow breaks that rule, that shadow and the human must be killed. One day, Stanley decides to get a job as a writer for the town’s newspaper. When he gets the job, his Boss, “Mr.Dronicer” assigns the camera girl, “Heidi” to show him around the business. Heidi eventually witnesses that Stanley gets scared and frightened of everything and invited him to have a little tea date at a café. Meanwhile, Stan starts to see all the shadows having fun with their human and wishes he could have the same. But when Stan tries to teach Stanley about fun, Stanley refuses to change. But this one day, when Stan is stuck inside the house with Stanley, he loses it and suddenly takes control of Stanley. Stan tells the other shadows what he did, but the shadows remind Stan about the rule and reveals that Stanley and Stan have to be killed. Stan rushes back to Stanley, and tells him about the problem. Stanley wants to go into hiding, but Stan rejects the idea, by saying “this is the perfect opportunity to go on an adventure”. Stan takes control of Stanley, and while Stan is taking Stanley to the shadow world, they run into Heidi, who wants to join the duo. When the trio enter the shadow world, (which is just a door in the middle of a dark forest), they encounter a plan from a sneaky villain named, “Dronic”, who looks like Stanley’s boss. Dronic is encouraging the shadows that what they are doing is wrong and should take control of the humans. With enough power, Dronic encourages the shadows to join the rebellion. Dronic tells Stan about the plan, in the hopes of him joining, but Stan refuses, knowing that it’s wrong. The shadows lose faith in Stan, thinking that he’s on the human’s side and begins to want to kill him. Stan must work together with Stanley and Heidi, to stop the rebellion of shadows that plans to attack on the day of the festival of lights. The shadows win, and begin to take control of their humans. The humans can’t do anything because the shadows are more powerful. Heidi’s shadow is also part of the rebellion and abuses her. Heidi and the whole town are now counting on Stanley and Stan to save the day since Stan is the only shadow that still has sense. Stanley and Stan hide Stanley’s house until they can figure out a plan. Stanley gets a plan, which results in doing his biggest fair-going onto high places. That same day, Stanley brings up a bunch of mirrors up to the top of the city light house, and reflects the sun against the mirror, which can block off light from the city, resulting in the shadows to be gone. Stanley then yells into a horn and says, “Hide under a tree or go inside a building. Somewhere with no light.” The people listen, and then Stanley pushes the mirror out the way, letting the shadows come back. The shadows aren’t connected to anything, and the humans have no shadow. Stanley then says “Everyone, our shadow is like our best friend, he or she is always there for us, we can’t control them or expect them to do everything we do, let’s do something the shadows would like to do.” The shadows and the human smile, and the shadows connect themselves back to their humans. Stanley is now the hero. Stanley goes back down into a lighted area to let Stan appear. Stanley and Stan’s hand touches against the wall. Stanley gets a kiss from Heidi, and Dronic gets connected back to his friend, “Dronicer”.

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Dreamworks"Me and my shadow" finished production. The film will be released in May of 2014.  Stated in Josh Gad's instagram account.
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