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Ernie and Bernie
Background information
Feature films Shark Tale
Club Oscar
Feature firsts
Feature lasts
Television programs
Video games Shark Tale
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Doug E. Doug (Bernie, film, short)
Ziggy Marley (Ernie, film, short)
Jeff Coopwood (Ernie, video game)
Jamil Walker Smith (Bernie, video game)
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Ernest and Bernard
Other names
Personality Heartless (formerly), mean (formerly), evil (formerly), ruthless (formerly), funny, kind, silly, cool, Game-loving, handsome
Appearance Jamaican jellyfishes
Occupation Sykes' henchmen (formerly), DJs
Alignment Bad/Neutral
Goal To help Sykes any way they can (formerly)
Play for the Whale Wash
Home The South Side Reef
Allies Oscar, Angie, Lenny, Sykes, Don Lino, Luca, Don Feinberg, Lola (formerly)
Enemies Lola, Don Lino (formerly)
Likes Their electric shocking, bullying Oscar (formerly), being DJs
Dislikes Oscar's behavior, being treated bad by Sykes
Powers and abilities Electric powers
Fate Become DJs at the Whale Wash grand opening
Quote "That's not the way you sing dat song, mon." (Ernie)
"Ernie, you made a joke. Good one, mon!" (Bernie)

Ernie and Bernie are the (former) fourth, but semi, antagonists of Shark Tale. They are Jamaican jellyfishes who are Sykes' former henchmen and current DJs at the Whale Wash.


It is shown that Ernie and Bernie may be related since when Oscar first noticed them in Mr.Sykes's office, he called them the jellyfish brothers.

[Ernie and Bernie sneak up behind Oscar quietly when the cleaning wrasse was still arguing with Mr.Sykes.]

Oscar(stunned after one of the jellyfish stung him): Aah, Ernie, Bernie! My jellyfish brothers!

In Shark Tale

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In Club Oscar

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Ernie and Bernie are very close to each other and they are almost never separated. They love joking around and playing video games. They used to be bullies and rather sadistic ones at that, shocking Oscar many times. However, they were also cowardly, begging Oscar not to hurt them when he pretended to kill a shark. They were loyal to Sykes and eventually, they became friends with Oscar and quit working for Sykes. After this, they dropped their bullying and became nicer creatures, living at the Reef.


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