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Background information
Feature films The Croods
Short films
Feature firsts The Croods
Feature lasts
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Emma Stone
Performance model
Inspiration Pocahontas
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Curious, adventurous, brave
Appearance Beautiful, red hair, green eyes, small nose and yellow and reddish tiger-print dress (black and white tiger-print dress at the end of the film)
Birthday 1994
Age 19
Occupation Cavewoman
Alignment Good
Goal To see the outside world, then to help her family search for a new home
Home The cave (formerly)
Relatives Grug Crood (father)
Ugga Crood (mother)
Thunk Crood (younger brother)
Sandy Crood (younger sister)
Gran (grandmother)
Guy (boyfriend)
Pets Bearowl (possibly)
Allies Her family, her boyfriend Guy
Enemies Macawnivore (formerly), Bearowl (formerly), Turkeyfish
Likes Guy, Exploring
Dislikes Her father's over-protectiveness, being cooped up in the cave
Powers and abilities Animal-like instincts
Fate She rides off with her family in the sun and becomes Guy's girlfriend
Quote "You really need to see this..." "Hi, fire."

Eep Crood is the main female protagonist of The Croods.


Role in film

Eep is the nineteen-year old eldest daughter of Grug and Ugga Crood, the oldest grandchild of Gran, and the older sister of Sandy and Thunk. Eep hates the Cave they live in and wants to explore the outside world. However, Grug highly disagrees with her, and constantly tries to convince her to stay away from the outside world. When an earthquake causes the Croods to leave their cave, it feels like a dream come true: for Eep, that is. The Croods eventually meet Guy, who Eep takes a liking to because of his new ideas. This is a nightmare for her father.

It has also been said that Eep is, next to her father, the best hunter of the family.


Eep is shown to be imaginative and extremely curious, and believes that there is a world beyond her family's cave and hunting grounds, which proves to be true. Eep is extremely strong, with cat-like movements. She is an excellent hunter, second best to her dad, if not better. She likes to stay outside as much as possible, and she hates the cave. In her profile, Eep is said to like 'running, jumping, and chasing mammoths.' Eep is constantly arguing with her father about her own safety: Eep believes she can take care of herself, while Grug thinks the exact opposite. Around Guy, she acts rather shy and bashful. When nervous or irritated, Eep is shown to pull on her hair.



  • Eep serves as the narrator at the beginning and end of the film.
  • Eep is said to be '19 summers old.' This may put her at 19 years of age to us.
  • Hers dress can be seen made out of tiger-print fur.
  • At the end of the film, Eep is seen wearing a black and white tiger-print dress instead of her orange dress.

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