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Drunk Scout
Background information
Feature films Antz
Short films
Feature firsts
Feature lasts
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice John Mahoney
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Occupation Drunken soldier ant.
Goal To get back to Insectopia (if he's ever been there)
Home Insectopia (formally, maybe).

The Ant Colony

Allies Z, Weaver, Soldier Ants, Colonel Cutter
Enemies General Mandible.
Likes Freedom and food, aphid beer
Dislikes Wars, hard work
Powers and abilities
Fate Gets dragged out of the bar by another soldier ant.
Quote There is a better place. Insectopia!

ANTZ (film)

In the movie when Z is in the worker bar he wonders if there's a better place out there in the world besides the colony to which he meets a Drunk Scout, sitting next to him who tells him that there is a better place which is Insectopia to which the Scout explains that Insectopia is a place where any ant can be an ant and that the streets are paved with food and nobody telling other ants what to do with no wars and no colonies to which the Scout regreats leaving and then says he reached Insectopia when he got out off on his unit and that to reach it you have to head towards the monaleth and then take 10 clicks to the land of red and white to which another soldier comes up to the scout and says Gramps, you've had enough for one night. Come on before you get in trouble. As the Scout is pulled out of the bar he screams to Z "Head for the Monaleth! Cross the Lake! Look for the land of red and light!"


It is unknown if the Scout had really been to Insectopia or if he was just making the story up because he was so drunk.

Actor John Mahoney who is famous for playing Frasier's dad Martin Crane on the tv show FRASIER voiced the Scout while David Hyde Pierce who played Martin's younger son Miles Crane voiced the character of Slim in the Pixar film A Bug's Life.

According to the directors on the DVD Audio Commentary the Scout was created to look like Cutter but with wiskers they added to the character and that the Scout isn't Cutter but a different character.

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