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Don Ira Feinberg is one of the supporting, but semi, antagonists of Shark Tale.


In Shark Tale

  He is first seen singing a song at the restaurant of the Titanic about one of Lino's sons in the film.

Don Ira(singing): I am the eagle, if you are the wind….

Lino: Thank you for singing for Frankie.

Don Ira(after having a conversation with Lino beside the window of the Titanic): That one's finished. Any requests, anyone? How about the Titanic song?

Audience sharks: Please, don't!!


Don Ira seemed to have a slight self-confident side, as it is shown when he asked the audiences whether he'll sing another song such as the Titanic theme(since they were staying inside the shipwreck), while ignoring the audience sharks' complaints of dissent.


Don Feinberg is a slender, old leopard shark.


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