Cyclops is a minor character that makes appearances in Shrek 2 and Shrek the Third. It serves as a recurring antagonist.

Despite being a villain, the cyclops is a surprisingly loving father to his daughter who he brings to the job with him as part of daddy daughter day.

Role the film

Shrek 2

Cyclops makes a cameo appearance. He is seen welcoming King Harold to the bar.

Shrek The Third

Cyclops helps Prince Charming in his attempt to take over Far Far Away. It is also seen that Cyclops has a daughter, a cute little cyclops girl with one eye, just like him. She is an adorable little thing. It is shown that Cyclops is a family guy, and doesn't really want to be evil.

Video Games

Shrek the Third

The cyclops appears as a rare enemy in the video game adaptation of "Shrek the Third". These enemies have very high health and cannot be stunned.

Shrek Super Slam

Cyclops appears as a secret character in the video game Shrek Super Slam. His Super Slam is "Eye in the Sky". Cyclops apologizes to Shrek when he hits him too hard.


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  • Cyclops is not based on Polyphemus from The Odyssey; he could be any cyclops.