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Crazy Joe 1
Crazy Joe
Background information
Feature films Shark Tale
Short films Club Oscar
Feature firsts
Feature lasts
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice David P. Smith
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Crazy Joe
Other names Joe
Personality Crazy, Insane, Idiotic, Confusing
Appearance Ugly hermit crab with a motley brown shell
Home South Side Reef
Allies Oscar, Angie, Lenny
Enemies Don Lino (formerly)
Likes Benny Hill, Oscar's fame, puppets,
Dislikes Being lied to, not being a financial advisor
Powers and abilities
Fate confronts Lola in Oscar's former penthouse
Quote "Can I be your financial advisor?

Crazy Joe is a character in Shark Tale. He is one of Oscar's friends.


Crazy Joe first appears in the film when Oscar is fantazising about living in an expensive penthouse painted on a billboard. Joe begs to be his finacial advisor, and when Oscar explains he was pretending, Joe looks confused and says, " in a billboard? And they call me crazy!" He then opens a umberella with tons of holes and floats away, laughing.

He appears again in the Whale Wash when Oscar lies about killing Frankie and announces, "And I'm his finacial advisor!" When everyone just stares, he quickly pulls out his puppets to save face. Joe later shows up when Oscar is trying to admit his feelings for Angie and again uses the puppets, this time to encourage them to kiss, much to Oscar's embarrassment, but Angie quickly shrugs it off and kisses him. He shows up again when Lola goes looking for Oscar and shouts, "Did somebody say CRAZY?!".

Joe later interacts with the end credits with some priceless ramblings as they roll.


Joe is an ugly homeless hermit crab who is slightly insane and plays with his puppets and has horrible hygiene. He sleeps in dumpsters all over the South Side Reef. He is friends with Oscar, and is obsessed with being his finacial advisor. Joe also has two sock puppets which he pulls out constantly to save face when embarssed in public. He also watches the Benny Hill Show in his shell.

Crazy Joe has a crazy attitude. But he is very hilarious and random whiches confusing Oscar and others. He also pulls out his puppets to kiss eachother infront of Angie and Oscar much to Oscar's embarrassment.


Crazy joe is an insane ugly but friendly hermit crab with a moldy brown shell.


  • In some versions of the DVD-movie, Joe acts as the "menu host", appearing whenever the viewers make a decision on the screen.


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