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Background information
Feature films The Road to El Dorado
Short films
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Television programs
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Rosie Perez
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Chel-Dorado, sweetheart
Personality Sassy, seductive, resourceful, funny, kind
Appearance curvaceous, beautiful, tan skin, green earrings (later gold earrings), brown eyes, long black hair, two-part dress that exposes her breast cleavege and belly button, barefoot
Occupation Thief, Tulio's girlfriend
Alignment Good
Goal to help Miguel and Tulio with their con
Home El Dorado (formerly), Spain (possibly)
Pets Bibo (armadillo)
Allies Miguel, her boyfriend Tulio, Altivo, Chief Tannabok
Enemies Tzekel-Kan, Hernán Cortés
Likes Tulio, gold, children,
Dislikes not being listened to, being turned down, danger
Powers and abilities pickpocketing, smooth talking, beauty
Fate Returns to Spain with Miguel and Tulio and most likely marries Tulio.
Quote "Save it for the high priest honey. You're gonna need it."

Chel is the tritagonist in The Road to El Dorado. She is the only female major character, as all other females are minor, and all other major characters are male. She is voiced by Rosie Perez.

She claims to Tulio and Miguel that she too has reasons to leave El Dorado and start an adventure. "You've got your reasons... And I've got mine. Let's not make it personal, okay? It's just business".

Chel never tells the duo what exactly her reasons for leaving are.

Role in the film

Native bored with her society and dreams of a better life. In order to obtain those dreams, she turns to crime by becoming a con artist.

She first runs in to Tulio and Miguel when she has stolen some treasure from the temple and is running away from some guards. Tulio and Miguel then save her from being punished. She then makes a deal with them (she helps them maintain their scam and they let her come back to Spain with them). Over the course of the movie Tulio becomes attracted to Chel and they become a couple.

When Tulio and Miguel are ready to leave Tzekel-Kan leads invaders to the city and Chel helps stop them. She then rides off with Tulio and Miguel.



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