Brogan is an ogre and a assistant leader of the ogre resistance.


Shrek Forever After

He is first seen in Shrek Forever After when Shrek tries to save Donkey from getting eaten and Shrek enters the Underground Place and he joins Shrek in the Resistance.

He is buff, and nice, and willing to help any of the Ogres. He also helps Shrek gets his life back to normal. At the end he is seen partying with Shrek, Donkey, and Fiona's family, in the Real Reality, singing I'm a Believer.


He is taller and bigger than Shrek, and wears a brown cloak with a rope as belt. He wears black pants with brown boots and has a piece of brown leather as bracelet.


  • Brogan was originally intended to be named Gnimrahc, (Charming spelled backwards) and Fiona's love interest. He was also originally supposed to be Prince Charming under a curse.