“"You like Jazz?"”
―Barry Benson[src]

Barry B. Benson is the main protagonist of Bee Movie.


In Bee Movie

Barry wants to not only follow his dream to be a Pollen Jock, but also see the outside world which is the world of humans. So he decides to join the Pollen Jocks.


Barry is a standard honey bee who is yellow with black stripes, black hair and blue eyes. He usually wears a pair of shoes and a yellow sweater, which covers up most of his black stripes. He's very fashionable for a bee.


Barry is a curious bee. He has the abeelity to see everything in the outside world. He also appears to bee loving he breaks many social barriers to bee with the one he truly loves. He literally does not care what others think.


  • Barry's favourite TV show is the B-Team.
  • His regular haircut is a buzz-cut.
  • He likes Jazz.
  • His favourite singer is Bee-yonce.
  • His blood type is Bee Positive.
  • As a child, he had beehavioural difficulties.
  • His nickname for Vanessa is Honey.
  • Vanessa and Barry had a child called Freddy.
  • He is prone to severe seizures
  • When he was young, he use to want to be a buzz driver.
  • At college, he was part of the rug-bee player.
  • He styles his hair with a honeycomb.
  • His favourite artist is Beecaso.
  • Vanessa and Barry went on their honeymoon in stingapore.
  • Please help me, they have my family. Send help.
  • His favourite novel is the Great Gatsbee.
  • He beelieves in himself.
  • He likes Jazz.
  • He has a bff bracelet with Adam, his ride or die.
  • Barry still has his Virginia intact, because he is no hoe.
  • Barry slays his inner demons everyday as he struggles with the guilt of Adam getting hurt. He is broken, truly.